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      Pigs-N-Heat helps hundreds

      Law enforcement officers and firefighters squared off on the ice for the 31st Annual Pigs-N-Heat hockey game.

      Since the program started they've donated around $350,000 to victims of fires. All the funds helps victims get back on their feet.

      Damage still marks a house like a scar four months after an electrical fire.

      The owner Jim Pennell says you never think it will happen to you, but when it does it's like starting over.

      "You're not thinking about practical things. The next morning when you wake up and you realize well we don't have a place to live we don't even have any money. We don't have any of these immediate things that would be available to us," said Jim Pennell.

      Pigs-N-Heat put Pennell and his family up in a hotel for three days.

      They also donated more than $300 for them to use on food, clothing, and any other personal items.

      "Their response to the fire and their help with us through this difficult time has been tremendous. We probably wouldn't have been able to cope with this as well we have without their help," Pennell said.

      Every year officers and firefighters face-off in competitive hockey match.

      The annual fundraiser brings in thousands of dollars.

      Last year the public donated more than $4,000 in hotel costs and $12,000 for victim assistance.

      "It's heartbreaking when you go to a family that's lost everything. And, in some situations a family member. So, for us as public servants we have a responsibility to give back to our community," said Captain Blake Rieboldt, Marquette city police.

      Pennell is just one of 80 people last year who received help from Pigs-N-Heat last year.

      He says the insurance company is covering the cost of rebuilding the house.