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      Pigs-N-Heat is coming, get your tickets

      The 30th Pigs-N-Heat game is one week away, and this should be their biggest year yet. Local businesses and organizations have donated some big prizes to give away during the game, including a $500 gift card to Holiday Gas Stations, a $1,000 cash prize, and a fishing trip with Day Break Charters. As always, it's for a good cause; the money raised at the game goes to provide assistance to families displaced by fire.

      "What's great about this game is after 30 years, our crowds still keep increasing every year. We have an excellent turnout, and everyone has a great time," said President of the Pigs-N-Heat game, Brian Olson. "We've given out around $350,000 in money to people that have been burned out of their homes."

      Tickets for the game are only one dollar and can be picked up at fire halls and police departments in the area. They will also be available at the door of the Lakeview Arena. Prior to the game, Eric Dompierre and the State Football Champion Ishpeming Hematites will be honored.