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      Pike Lake Resort among the structures destroyed in wildfire

      On Sunday, many concerned residents and landowners got the chance to hear from DNR officials about the Duck Lake Wildfire in Luce County and their properties.

      At least 200 people packed the McMillan Township Hall in Newberry, looking for answers. The news was devastating for most. As of Sunday afternoon, more than 80 structures have been lost. A total of 170 structures are nearby of which DNR officials assessed 100. The fire is now 48 percent contained, with a little more than 22,000 acres of land burned. Portions of the Pike Lake R esort were also completely destroyed.

      Owner Diane Ricketts says they never imagined the fire to get so out of control.

      "I was still hoping that they would stop it," said Diane Ricketts, owner of the Pike Lake Resort.

      "With my husband gone, I'm not going to rebuild. We're just going to go on and take it day by day and see what's going to happen."

      "I want them to know that we're concerned, we know they're frustrated, we know they want to get in and look at their property and assess damage," said DNR Public Information Officer Dennis Nezich.

      "We're going to try to get them in there as soon as possible and get the information to them as soon as possible."

      Some landowners were able to visit their properties after the meeting.