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      Pine Mountain Music Festival offers opera

      Cosi fan tutte, or The School for Lovers, is an Italian opera created by Mozart. Jacqueline Shoda-Iwasaki and Claire Shackleton play sisters who have fallen in love with their boyfriends. â??Weâ??re convinced that they are the ones and that weâ??re going to marry them, and then weâ??re thrown into an awful, horrendous, tumultuous situation,â?? said Shoda-Iwasaki. As the artistic director of the Pine Mountain Music Festival and the stage director for this production, Joshua Major says this opera is a coming of age story. â??We tend, when weâ??re young, to have an ideal and thereâ??s an ideal notion of what love is and what love should be, and thatâ??s broken very quickly,â?? said Major. The performers are no strangers to singing in a different language. â??We take language classes, and a lot of us have to take at least a year of a language class to learn how to work with the language, so we have some background in studying Italian or speaking some Italian,â?? said Shackleton. Although the entire opera is in Italian, Major says the audience will still be able to understand because the English words will be projected on top of the stage. â??Also their actions on the stage are so specific and so particular that, in many cases, youâ??ll know what theyâ??re saying and what theyâ??re doing without even reading the language,â?? Major said. The performers say audience members will enjoy the production because there are laughable moments. Itâ??s really fun, even if you donâ??t speak Italian. I think we have all experienced love and loss and plotting and scheming and disguises. Itâ??s going to be a really good time,â?? Shoda-Iwasaki said. Cosi fan tutte will be at the Norway-Vulcan Performing Arts Center June 17; the Kaufman Theatre, June 19; and the Calumet Theatre, June 21. For ticket information, click here.