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      Pine Mountain Music Festival's UPstarts! begins performances

      Thursday night, the Pine Mountain Music Festival's UPstarts! gave its first performance with a trio of strings and piano playing a variety of genres on stage in Ontonagon.

      UPstarts! is the music festival's program for young, talented musicians in the U.P. to gain more experience playing on stage. Many of the young adults in the program are pursuing careers in music.

      Thursdayâ??s show at the Ontonagon Theater featured Bach, Strauss, and a bit of jazz and fiddling. The music festival musicians say it's a show people of all ages can enjoy.

      â??I think that the energy of these young musicians, it's a very relaxed atmosphere when we perform, and we just hope that people just grab onto that energy and the love of music that all the musicians have,â?? said PMMF accompanist Susan Byykkonen.

      The Pine Mountain Music Festival continues across the U.P. for the next week, including five more performances by UPstarts! You can find a full schedule of events on their website here.