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      Pine Mountain Ski Jumps wrap up

      It was another successful weekend at the Pine Mountain ski jumping tournaments in Iron Mountain. The weather didn't cause any major cancellations, and the jumpers finished a great competition.

      People in the Upper Peninsula were able to experience another unique event over the weekend at the ski jumps and witness an example of a high-quality winter sport. The winner of the competition was Anze Semenic from Slovenia who made a 425-foot jump to clinch the victory.

      Event coordinators and coaches say they hope other ski jumps in the U.P. that aren't running will open up to showcase more ski jumping talent.

      "For the younger kids, that's what we'd love to see is the junior program get going again here in Iron Mountain, and it would definitely help the U.P. with more skiers," said USA Coach Scott Smith.

      Enthusiasts were glad to be able to squeeze in another competition on Saturday, even though the weather was a bit windy. The weekend overall, though, was a great success according to organizers and a fun way to experience some international flavor here in the U.P.