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      Pinecrest Medical has been working in the U.P. for almost 100 years

      For almost 100 years Pinecrest Medical Care Facility has been helping ill or elderly community members. Originating as a Sanatorium for Tuberculosis patients, Pinecrest transitioned into the medical care facility we know today in the early â??60s.

      Pinecrest now employs a staff of nearly 300, and provides in and out patient care. They pride themselves on their caring and attentive 24-hour staff. There are nearly 200 residents living at the Pinecrest medical care facility.

      â??I know everybody,â?? said resident Eleanor Frankini. â??Theyâ??re all very kind and serving. And, theyâ??ll do anything for you, really and truly.â??

      The facility has an activities department that works to bring the patients, employees and community members together for events and activities.

      â??They provide for us here for everything. I was telling them about the parties we have and they celebrate all the holidays very nicely,â?? Fankini said.

      Pinecrest has many employees that have worked with the company for 30 years or longer. Some of them have come back years later as residents.

      â??I saw how it was renovated and I really appreciated that,â?? said former employee and current resident Hildegarde Polfus. â??It is so different from what it was when I worked here.â??

      â??I enjoyed working here,â?? said another employee turned resident, Dorothy Lanca. â??And, all of the ones that worked with me that are still here we still have fun.â??