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      Pinewood Derby

      Some cub scouts felt the need for speed on Saturday.

      More than 60 kids went face-to-face with their dens in the 2014 Pinewood Derby at St. Michael's Church in Marquette.

      Seven packs from Marquette and Alger county participated in the derby including the Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos.

      Each scout created their own car from a block of wood and a set of wheels. The project gives kids and parents the chance to bond and work together.

      "I think it's fun when I win or when it jumps off the track because then I can make things up like the car did not like the tracks," said Torrey Cookman.

      "You can design your car anyway you'd like. You can see racing down the track. It's just really fun,"said Hunter Symbal.

      Each car raced eight times down the track.

      The average speed was taken to determine the winner.