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      Pink slips for paper mill employees

      A statement released by NewPage on Thursday stated that the company will be reducing personnel costs by five percent, which means that 300 positions will be eliminated.

      The specific number of positions being eliminated from the Escanaba location has not been released, but according to NewPage an undisclosed number of salaried positions were eliminated this week.

      NewPage came back from bankruptcy at the end of 2012, and officials say that the company is trying to ensure the business has long-term sustainability even with a declining demand for paper products.

      "While this is difficult news, NewPage continues to be committed to operating its U.S. businesses with an undiminished focus on providing customers with exceptional service and high quality products, running safe and efficient operations, providing employees with a healthy and safe workplace where they can learn and grow, and being a responsible and supportive community member," said company spokesperson Jackie Pride.