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      Pioneer Days brings class of 1948 together for 66 year high school reunion

      As Pioneer Days continue, class reunions bring Negaunee High School graduates back together.

      The class of 1948 held their 66th reunion at the Negaunee Senior Center. The class graduated with 81 students, and a core group of those students have made it a point to stay in close contact. Members of the class actually gather once every five years at least to reunite.

      They attribute their closeness to growing up during the Great Depression and say Pioneer Days help continue that bond.

      "It just brings people back together from many areas and they always consider this as home, even though they've been away for who knows how long," says Marjorie Bantle of the class of 1948. "This is home because this is where they grew up, this is where they graduated and Negaunee is always going to be home to us."

      Negaunee class reunions continue through the rest of the week for Pioneer Days. The week of events culminates this Saturday with the Pioneer Days Parade and fireworks display over Teal Lake.