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      Pioneer Surgical launches new spinal fixation system

      Spinal surgeons could soon benefit from a new system created by Pioneer Surgical making back surgery less traumatic. It's called the Streamline Minimally Invasive Spinal Fixation System.

      Posterior Rodding system has been around for years, but the Streamline MIS Spinal Fixation takes that idea and makes the surgery less invasive without having to open a patient's entire back.

      "With this system, you are able to leave all that tissue and avoid all that deep retraction; to make a very small skin incision," said Adam Paltzer, Vice President of Research and Development.

      The system consists of small instruments, allowing surgeons to operate through a small opening about the size of a penny. At the pedicle of a vertebrae, a longer screw is secured in the hole. Then with an "l" shaped tool, the rod is placed between the screws.

      "It restores the original disk height a patient would have experienced at a younger age, perhaps or before your trauma; re-establishes that height and then it locks it in with the screws and rods, allowing fusion to occur," Paltzer explained.

      Using this method minimizes the amount of blood loss, trauma, and patient recovery time.

      "So, accordingly, we didn't come out with one size fits all and that requires a lot of investment on Pioneer's behalf. A lot of expense, but it was worth it to come out with this type of system," said Fred Taccolini, Chief Compliance Officer.

      Patients with conditions, including disk degenerative disease and Stenosis, are just some of the people who can benefit from this system.

      Pioneer Surgical believes this project is worth millions of dollars. They plan to continue making upgrades in the near future.