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      Piper's Rescue in need of a home?

      The animals at Piper's Rescue Ranch in Wallace aren't the only ones searching for permanent homes. The 80 acre ranch is rented by the rescue ranch but is currently being put up for sale by the property owner.

      â??Currently we are leasing it, but we need our own forever home for Piper's so that we know we have a permanent facility,â?? says founder and director Carrie Cramer. â??It's very hard to find a place for 100 animals.â??

      Piperâ??s Rescue Ranch is a unique domestic, no-kill home to over 100 animals. It takes in everything from dogs to an assortment of barnyard companions and runs solely on donations.

      Carrie says she spends anywhere from $90,000-$150,000 a year to care for all the animals, making it that more difficult to find the funding to purchase the property especially because she takes in more animals than she's able to adopt out. She created the ranch eight years ago after seeing unwanted animals had nowhere to turn.

      â??A majority of the animals are abuse, neglect or displaced animals,â?? Carrie says.

      When animals are rescued, the ranch rehabilitates them for as long as needed. Unadoptable animals, such as old or lame pasture pals, can also remain worry-free because the ranch becomes their forever home.

      Carrie says the current property is the perfect fit for Piper's Rescue, but unless she raises the money to purchase it, she and 100 animals may all have to search for a new home.If you want to help you contact Carrie Cramer at or call 906-788-4093 Pipers Rescue Ranch N5406 Co Rd 577Wallace, MI 49893