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      Pirates invade Marquette

      A comedic opera opened Wednesday night in Marquette. Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert and Sullivan is the second production of Lake Superior Theatre's 15th season.

      Director Jeff Spencer hopes people aren't afraid of the show because it's completely sung.

      "It's an operetta, but you shouldn't be scared of it," said Spencer. "Even though everything's sung, it's obviously all in English, everything is very clear, it's a hilarious show. There's a lot of humor in it. Great songs, fantastic voices."

      Spencer explained the story.

      "It's about a young man who is apprentice to a pirate band, and he's due to get out of that apprenticeship and get on with his life, and the various, wacky hijinks that ensue," he said.

      There are about 20 people in the cast for the show, including Adam Lowe, who plays the pirate king.

      "The show's been around since the 1880s and it's been done since the 1880s. It's not like we're dusting off an old classic; this show is still done all the time," said Lowe.

      Lowe said it's a popular show because it's well liked and still applies to today's world.

      "Some of it is dated, and it's a lot of poking fun at the British system of society," he said. "It really does translate into modern day. We still have people in government who probably shouldn't be in government, people who are major generals who shouldn't be major generals."

      Spencer said the cast includes people of all ages, with many on the younger side.

      "The high school choirs prepare these kids and give them the basics, the fundaments, and they just carry it through their lives and have so much to give to a production like this," he added. "It's astonishing, really, the level of talent that we can get locally here."

      Pirates of Penzance runs Wednesday night through Sunday and continues next week, Wednesday through Sunday. All shows begin at 7:30 p.m. in the boathouse by Mattson Lower Harbor park.

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