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      Pit bull gets stay of execution amid community outcry

      There is an update on the pit bull that was set to be euthanized on Monday as Dickinson County Circuit Court has ordered a stay of execution for Roxy, putting her death on hold.

      Roxy was ordered to be put down after she bit a woman in July, but the dog's supporters have signed a petition to reverse that decision. While her euthanizing has been put on hold, it also has the City of Iron Mountain reexamining their vicious dog ordinance.

      At a meeting on Monday morning, council members met to discuss adding more discretion for the courts as to how a vicious dog should be dealt with, but some want to keep the ordinance as-is.

      "The individual owning the dog can provide witnesses to the court and that sort of thing, but I'm certainly not at all in favor of changing this; we need to have an ordinance, and we need to have a strict ordinance," said council member Bob Moraska.

      The city attorney has agreed to amend parts of the ordinance to allow for greater latitude for the county judge. The council will approve or reject those amendments at a later date.