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      Plane on fire at Delta County Airport

      A plane was ablaze Wednesday afternoon at the Delta County Airport. But, this fire was not a surprise. It was all part of the mandatory Federal Aviation Administration Emergency Trainings.

      The Delta County Airport hosted the required annual FAA recertification for Aircraft Rescue Firefighting.

      â??The annual recertification allows all airport personnel to refresh emergency procedures in case of a serious event in our airport,â?? said Delta County Airport manager Kelly Smith. â??We are happy this year the training will happen in Delta County.â??

      The drill helps keep the emergency response teams actively trained.

      â??Play how you practice,â?? said Delta Schoolcraft emergency management coordinator, Bob Berbohm. â??So, the more practice you get the better you become at playing if you will. I think the airport fire department doesnâ??t get a lot of experience so when they do its very valuable.â??

      This eight hour drill includes a live fire in a makeshift airplane shell.

      It allows airport and regional emergency personnel to experience the aftermath of an airplane crash and fire.

      As a final part of the drill, a mock press conference was held.

      The training was also used to get the word out about the Upper Peninsulaâ??s disaster hotline.

      â??Family members can call 2-1-1 for nonemergency information related to the crash,â?? said public information officer, Nancy Kolich.

      Airport officials hope the recertification helps put both the emergency response personnel and the planeâ??s passengerâ??s minds at ease.

      â??Weâ??re doing our due diligence in all of our safety,â?? Smith said. â??Our regulations are kept and we have all that met through the FAA and they can continue to fly out of here and feel as safe as they possibly could flying.â??

      Additional FAA training will be taking place Thursday as well.