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      Plans to upgrade the Triple A nearly complete

      Powell Township residents received an update Wednesday on the $40 million project to upgrade the Triple-A road to an all-season road. Jim Iwanicki, from the Marquette County Road Commission, talked about the plans to the citizens at the informational meeting.

      The road upgrades discussed at the meeting are between Blind 35 and what is called Camp 6 Hill. Residents had many questions regarding the upgrades, including the width of the road and the design speed.

      "The board wanted to make sure that the public had a chance to look at plans when they were about 70 percent complete so they could have comments on it, and we could still make changes, and we could see if there was some input from the public that would cause us to rethink things," said Iwanicki.

      The comments from Wednesday's meeting were collected and will be brought to the road commission. The next road commission meeting is scheduled for December 16 in Ishpeming.