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      Plea offered in alleged stabbing trial

      A 36-year-old Ishpeming mother has plead not guilty to attempted murder by reason of insanity.

      Merja Kartia Lehto was arrested in January by Ishpeming police officers after stabbing her 11-year-old daughter. The girl suffered stab wounds to her abdomen and chest, but made a full recovery.

      Lehto appeared in court on Wednesday following an 11-month investigation by Ishpeming and Michigan State Police, as well as the Marquette County Sheriff's Department.

      The center for forensic psychology examined Lehto's mental health.

      "It's, therefore, the opinion of this examiner that at the time of the incident alleged in the info, the defendant meets the statutory criteria for being considered mentally ill, legally insane," said Judge Thomas Solka.

      "It's what you could call a storm in the brain, in a way that never ever happened before," said the defendant's husband, Paul Lehto. "Luckily she's doing really, really well now, and the kids still love their mom; mom still loves her kids."

      Judge Solka accepted Lehto's plea. She will now be committed to the Center of Forensic Psychology immediately.

      Click here to watch a full video of Paul Lehto's interview with TV6's Nikki Davidson regarding this incident.