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      Plenty of time left to hit slopes

      While winter in the U.P. is definitely not over, it is getting closer to spring. That has some thinking the skiing and snowboarding season may be over, which is far from the truth.

      Some of the best skiing and snowboarding can be done in March, when spring is on the horizon. And while some may be thinking about spring break and beaches, they may not know of the great conditions not far from home. Hitting the slopes near the end of the season can mean good powder, sunny skies, and extended hours.

      "It's quite a bit different; it's nice. You don't have to worry about the cold, you get to enjoy the warm weather; it's a good time," said snowboarder, Brian Stansberry.

      "I love it this time of year. The sun's warmer, hotter, feels great. Sometimes the snow is a little slower, but not this year. When it's cold, it's fast, but this is nice," added snowboarder, Glen Hietpas.

      The Pine Mountain Ski Resort offers skiing and snowboarding every day of the week, with discount lift tickets every Tuesday through Thursday.