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      Plow trucks and sanders out in force

      The Marquette County Road Commission is out in force trying to keep up. There are 33 plows and 15 sanders in use across Marquette County for this winter storm. The road commission says that the real work comes the day after the storm.

      "By Thursday morning, there will be a substantial amount of snow on the roads where traffic is going to have trouble, and then we'll aggressively go after clearing up all the roads. Hopefully, 24 hours later, we have pretty much everything opened up," said Mike Harrington, Director of Operations and Maintenance for the MCRC.

      They attack the highways first, then move on to primary and secondary county roads, based on the amount of traffic each road sees. To get the job done, their truck drivers are pulling 12 hour shifts.

      "The guys put in some long hours and really do a good job when they're asked to," Harrington said.

      The heavy snow and strong winds have reduced visibility to about a quarter mile. Cross-country skier, Marilyn Hart, chose to stay off the roads and take advantage of the snow to get some skiing in.

      "We got out on US-41 and couldn't see in front of us, so we decided to head to the Heritage Trail close to Ishpeming," said Hart.