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      Plow trucks work to keep up with snow storm

      "I suppose it's ironic that here I am shoveling with my snow blower next to me," said a Marquette resident.

      But that seemed to be the weapon of choice for most residents around Marquette on Monday as they tried to keep up with the biggest U.P. snowfall yet this winter. And while the storm put a strain on driving, for others it's been long overdue.

      "We've all been waiting for it to come, and we're glad to have it here," said Joe Vultaggio of Paisano Paving in Marquette.

      For Vultaggio's business, more snow means more hours on the timecard. The company usually rakes in about 55 days of plowing in a year, and they're already on their way to reaching that number again. In the last 12 hours, he's cleared 15 business lots and dozens of residential driveways.

      "Last year it was just the other way around; it came in like a lion and went out like a lamb, and I hope that we have a continued good snowy season," Vultaggio said.

      According to the National Weather Service, the storm isn't letting up any time soon. With three inches in Marquette around noon and the storm expected to continue through the day and into the night, workers said they've got their hands full.

      But what started as a dusting turned into a foot of snow in Marquette just two hours later, and as lake effect snow pounded the area, visibility worsened.

      "Really tough to see, and when it's snowing like this, you really have to not only look out for yourself but every other driver out there," Vultaggio said.