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      Plum Creek donates money to replace trail bridge

      One local club is receiving help from an organization to improve its trail system.

      The Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club received a $3,000 grant from the Plum Creek Timber Company to go towards replacing a bridge on river trail in Houghton County. Built in 1980, the bridge is in desperate need of attention after years of erosion and rotting.

      The new bridge is expected to be constructed with steel and concrete footings that will allow for better use.

      "Our company feels that being involved in the communities that we work and live are very important and so we like to support a lot of different efforts," says Plum Creek senior resource manager Charlie Becker. "Anything from certain educational efforts to recreational efforts to a variety of other things, environmental causes."

      Through the Plum Creek Foundation, the company donates money to the communities they serve. Plum Creek donated about $95,000 to a number of organizations across the state.