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      Police academy Class of 2012 graduates

      As the new school year begins, one group celebrates a graduation.

      A total of 16 recruits have successfully finished Northern Michigan University's Regional Police Academy. On Tuesday, the recruits were sworn in at NMU's Jacobetti Center, but not before undergoing 16 weeks of rigorous training. P art of the training included firearm tactics, self-defense and studying the law.

      In Tuesday's speeches, the recruits described that discipline is the most important part in becoming a police officer.

      "What has really stood out to me this entire academy is the sense of professionalism that every officer portrayed," said Recruit Alex Gill. "I can't think of any other job that would allow me to be in the community, give me the training, the capability to help everybody."

      The graduates also received awards for physical fitness, academics, and overall performance. This year's class scored 97 percent in academic achievement.