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      Police are investigating a gunshot call in Escanaba

      Police are on the hunt Thursday night in Escanaba for an individual they believe is involved in a single gunshot call they received at 5:31 p.m. It was a single gunshot call with screaming being heard in the background.

      At this time, there are no reported injuries.

      The situation is happening at a residence in the south side of Escanaba. Police are withholding the exact location to keep people safe and away from the area.

      Escanaba Public Safety is currently questioning a female witness at the department, but they say she isn't cooperating.

      Authorities believe the second individual involved at this time is a male. No word on his whereabouts, but police are preparing for the worst.

      No word either on who fired the gunshot.

      Residents have been told by police to stay inside of their houses.