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      Police ask for help finding armed robbery suspect

      Still at large on Thursday night, is the man police believe is responsible for the armed robbery of the Peopleâ??s Drug Store on Main Street in Escanaba.

      Local law enforcement are asking for your help in finding the man involved in Wednesdayâ??s armed robbery.

      Thursday afternoon, photos were released of the robber. Police are looking for a while male in his early 20â??s. He is about 5â??10 with a slim build and brown hair.

      Public safety officials are also looking for a vehicle.

      â??We are still looking for a green Chevy truck that happened to be in the area at that time,â?? said Escanaba Public Safety Captain Jamie Segorski. â??Itâ??s a truck with a louder exhaust and damage to the back bumper. We believe the truck to be about in the mid 90â??s.â??

      This suspect, carrying a firearm, stole an undetermined amount of narcotics.

      One community member who works across the street from the Peopleâ??s Drug Store said she is more concerned about what he stole, rather than the robbery itself.

      â??We have a problem if heâ??s just looking for narcotics and I think thatâ??s where the police have to step up and you know maybe we can get to the root of that problem,â?? said Fashion Lane associate Donna Lee Soltis.

      Police are asking for the communityâ??s help in locating the suspect.

      Officials said there is a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or people involved in the robbery.

      Anyone with information is encouraged to call Escanaba Public Safety.