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      Police end pursuit after dangerous high-speed chase

      Authorities in Dickinson County looking for a biker who fled from police on Wednesday. This happened in Breitung Township, around 2:15 p.m.

      A Michigan State Police Trooper saw the suspect, riding a motocross cycle, commit several traffic violations while traveling on Lake Antoine Road. When the trooper tried to pull the biker over, the suspect would not stop. Instead, the driver drove through the intersection at U.S.2, and headed towards Quinnesec. After a short pursuit, the trooper decided to stop the pursuit for the safety of the public.

      Police are now searching for the motorcross cyslist. The motocross bike they were riding is red. The driver was last seen wearing a red, long sleeved motocross shirt with black stripes under the arms. They were also wearing a full faced helmet, white or possibly gray in color, with some sort of black graphic design.

      Anyone with further information about the driver or the bike is asked to contact the Michigan State Police, Iron Mountain Post, at (906)774-2122