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      Police foot chase results in arrest

      A 26-year-old Gwinn man has been arrested for allegedly driving on a suspended license, possessing marijuana and resisting a police officer.

      Sean David McNamara was pulled over on US-41 South near Van Epps Street for a minor traffic violation, when he suddenly exited the vehicle and took off on foot, according to police. The Marquette Police Department reported that the officer caught up with McNamara and used a Tazer while he was attempting to climb over a guard rail.

      The Marquette Police K9 unit was brought to the scene and searched McNamara's vehicle which resulted in marijuana and paraphernalia being located, according to police.

      There was a woman in the passenger side of the vehicle during the incident. She remained in the car after McNamara fled. She was released from the scene.

      McNamara is currently lodged in the Marquette County Jail while the Marquette County Prosecutor's Office reviews the incident.