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      Police investigate U.P. golf course vandalism

      A disturbing vandalism in Sawyer Sunday pros at the Red Fox Run golf course encountered an eerie scene around 11 a.m. on Sunday while checking the greens: a course maintenance cart burned to the ground at the 11th tee. Beside it were expletives spray-painted on the ground. Forsyth Township Police say it appears as if the cart was stolen from the course's maintenance building before it was driven recklessly around the course and burned. Flags and signs were knocked to the ground and broken. Bunkers and sand traps were also damaged.

      Managers say the vandal had to have been someone who knew the course well and was trying to make a statement.

      Seeing how this service cart was intentionally set upon number 11 tee, and the language that was placed there, almost as though it was kind of an eerie message to somebody or someone involved with the golf course, so at this particular point and time, I am not taking it seriously as a threat to myself or to others, but one has to be led to believe that it was meant for somebody, said Geno Parlato, course manager.

      Forsyth Township Police are investigating the incident. In the meantime, Red Fox Run management plans to install new security devices.