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      Police: Man uses stun gun on wife after Bears beat Packers

      An Illinois man is charged with a felony after allegedly using a stun gun on his wife as part of a bet on the Packers-Bears game.

      John Grant, of Tinley Park, was charged Tuesday with possession of an electric weapon in Dodge County.

      While driving through Mayville in their semi, the couple stopped at a bar to watch Monday's game, where the Packers lost 27-20.

      According to a criminal complaint, Packers' fan, Nicole Grant, allegedly bet Bears' backer, John Grant, that he could use a stun gun on her for three seconds if Green Bay lost.

      The 42 year old allegedly used it three times on her. She called police around 12:40 a.m. Tuesday.

      Court records say both had been drinking.

      A message left Thursday for his attorney was not immediately returned.