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      Police patrol changes make for better response times

      Since January 1, the Marquette City Police Department began dividing the City of Marquette into three patrol zones.

      Zone 1 is northern Marquette, Zone 2 is the downtown area, and Zone 3 is southern Marquette. Instead of patrolling the entire city, officers will stick to an assigned area. Sergeant Ryan Grim says it's helping the department make the most of their resources. â??Their responsibility is to patrol those areas,â?? said Grim. â??If a call happens in their zone, theyâ??re going to be on top of it.â?? The department said since the change, officers are responding faster to emergencies. â??It's a lot easier to dispatch officers when we know where they're at,â?? said Captain Blake Rieboldt. The police department is also collecting and analyzing data to pinpoint what they call "hot spots" or problem areas. â??The City of Marquette Police Department is looking at a new philosophy regarding policing, and that's DDATCS. What that stands for is Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Safety,â?? Rieboldt explained. The philosophy, going on statewide, is being learned through the Office of Highway Safety Planning. So far Marquette's data reveals Zone 1 consists of larcenies, breaking and entering, and residential issues; Zone 2 consists of retail fraud, accidents, and disorderly conducts; and Zone 3 is speeding and accidents. The police captain said the information helps supervisors â??disseminate their resourcesâ?? to problem areas. Marquette City Police are confident focusing their resources will help them better serve the citizens in the city they're sworn to protect.