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      Police ready patrols for New Year's Eve

      Many people will be out on Monday night celebrating and awaiting the New Year, but Marquette City Police are reminding them to do so safely.

      The police department has increased roadway patrols for Monday night in downtown and throughout the City of Marquette. They'll be looking for drunk drivers, so officials urge you to find a ride home if you plan on consuming alcohol.

      "We urge people to designate a driver. We have extra patrols looking for the drunk drivers, and there's an increase in pedestrian traffic during the holidays...just something to keep in mind," said Sgt. Ryan Grimm of the Marquette City Police.

      Officers say the bottom line is if you're drinking, even if you don't feel drunk, don't risk getting a DUI (driving under the influence). They also want to remind folks to not bring any open alcohol out in the streets.