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      Police release overturned semi video

      The Houghton Police Department released the video of the overturned semi.

      The accident occured August 22. In the video the semi heads southbound on US-41, commonly referred to as the â??Yooper Loop,â?? then the truck starts to tip over on its side, spilling scrap metal.

      Houghton Police say after further investigation, they were able to determine the cause of the accident.

      â??We believe the cause of the accident was speed. Going into that corner, the driver was going too fast. When a semi like that flips on its side, we're just fortunate no one was hurt,â?? said Chief John Donnelly, Houghton Police Department.

      It took officals two hours to remove the leftover scrap metal. The accident also caused a traffic jam until police arrived on scene.