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      Police rescue two women allegedly held captive and tortured in Ishpeming

      The Martial Way, where two women were allegedly held captive and tortured

      UPDATE: Ishpeming residents and nearby employees have expressed a wide array of emotions regarding the alleged torture and unlawful imprisonment of the two women at The Martial Way in Ishpeming. Many echoed similar emotions of shock and fear that such a crime could happen in their own backyard.

      "You don't feel like you can go to a bar and leave with someone for a party or whatever you're doing... I'm not saying that's what they were doing, but you know? I mean you wouldn't think that's going to happen to you," said Kimberly Koski, Ishpeming resident.

      "It really concerns me that we're here, we're trying to run a good establishment and get our customers in and out and we don't know if they're going to be safe out there, or us when we're leaving," said Diana Belanger who works nearby on Cleveland Avenue.

      "It sends quite a shockwave, a ripple through a community. This is a tight-knit community and things like this are just unheard of," said Gunner Hess who also works nearby on Cleveland Avenue.


      Two women were rescued by the Ishpeming Police on Tuesday after being held captive at a local business.

      According to the Ishpeming Police Department, one of the women was able to get to a cell phone and contact 911. Two men were allegedly holding the women captive at The Martial Way on Cleveland Avenue.

      Two police officers responded at 6:35 a.m. on Tuesday morning, locating the two women held captive in the basement. They were allegedly held against their will for over four hours.

      The Ishpeming police reported that the women were physically assaulted and bound with duct tape to support posts in the basement. The police arrested the two men at the scene without incident, and they were taken to the Marquette County Jail. They have been identified as 43-year-old Jason David Sadowski, the business owner, and 65-year-old Charles Leroy Cope.

      According to The Mining Journal, the two women, ages 44 and 30, met Sadowski at a bar and agreed to accompany him. Police say that Sadowski later asked one woman to kill the other.

      Sadowski was charged with one count of solicitation of murder, two counts of torture, one count of criminal sexual conduct first degree, two counts of unlawful imprisonment and two counts of assault by strangulation. Cope was charged with two counts of torture and two counts of unlawful imprisonment.

      The two men were arraigned in court on Wednesday. Sadowski's bond was denied, and Cope has bond of $500,000 for each count, totaling $2 million. They are expected to be back in court on July 17 at 9:15 a.m.

      Police are still investigating this case and report that the two women have been treated and released from Bell Hospital. The police department commended the two officers for saving the lives of these two women.