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      Police respond to report of drug store robbery in Escanaba

      UPDATE: 11:17 p.m.

      The man who robbed a pharmacy in Escanaba Wednesday afternoon is still on the loose. Police are looking for the man who robbed the people's drug store.

      Police agencies were dispatched to an armed robbery at the People's Drug Store on the 1200 block of Ludington Street around 2p.m. Wednesday.

      Officials secured the area, closing down parts of Ludington to traffic.

      Neighboring businesses and residents were told to stay indoors.

      "Came to the front and seen a lot of police officers with guns and a lot of chaos in here wondering what was going," said Lori Deovaux, hairstylist at Attitudes Luxury Salon and Spa.

      Police searched the building, but the suspect was not found in store.

      Businesses and residents stayed indoors for around three hours until police gave clearance.

      "We had customers that weren't able to leave for a couple hours because their cars were right in the middle of main street like when they had the road blocked off," said Amber Granquist, owner of Attitudes Luxury Salon and Spa.

      Investigators remained on scene searching the building and area for evidence until 7 pm.

      Residents in the area say they've never seen a situation like this happen before.

      "The not knowing is scary. We still don't know. There's no police activity outside anymore. So, we're assuming that there's no harm, but you don't know for sure," said Deovaux.

      The Escanaba police are continuing to follow leads on the whereabouts of the suspect.

      The only description they have of the suspect is he's a white male.

      Escanaba Police were assisted by the Delta county sheriff's department, and Michigan State Police.

      No one was injured.


      UPDATE: 7:33 p.m.

      The Escanaba Public Safety Department responded to a report of an armed gunman robbing the People's Drug Store on Ludington Street at 2:09 p.m. Officers established a secure perimeter and cleared the business. They treated the situation as if the suspect was still inside. The robber was not found and is still at large. The investigation is ongoing.


      A police emergency is in effect for the 1200 block of Ludington Street.

      According to witnesses at the scene, police are in an active stand off with a person inside a store. The situation, according to witnesses, allegedly started as an armed robbery of a store in the 1200 block on the north side of Ludington Street.

      According to authorities, about five blocks around that area have been blocked off. Law enforcement officers from the Michigan State Police, Delta County Sheriff's Department and Escanaba Public Safety are on the street, securing the area.

      People are advised to stay away from the area. Police are in strategic areas around the store.

      We'll have more developments as they come in.