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      Police searching for serial flasher

      The City of Escanaba is searching for a serial flasher and is turning to the public for help.

      The male subject, seen in this sketch, has exposed himself and committed a lewd act in public in three reported cases. They all took place in the last couple of weeks involving the same subject.

      The male is described as 5'9" tall and skinny, with slight facial hair.

      On one of the incidents he was wearing a stocking cap. In another he had a hoodie pulled up and the last, no head wear at all, revealing a short-style haircut.

      The subjectâ??s vehicle seen in all three incidents is described as a small red, low to the ground, late '90s to early 2000 car. Itâ??s said to resemble a Chevy Cavalier or Pontiac Sunfire.

      If you have any information, contact your local law enforcement.