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      Police warn drivers that deer are near

      The month of October is an especially dangerous one for deer-vehicle crashes here in Upper Michigan.

      The Michigan Department of Transportation has released some numbers regarding the crashes. Last year more than 50,000 crashes were reported and eight of those resulted in fatalities.

      They also say the average is 146 vehicle-deer crashes a day in Michigan.

      "The deer are going to be out, they're going to be crossing roadways, and that's what you have to be aware of. Sometimes this time of the year when you're traveling out on the highway, be aware that deer are going to be present in most of our Upper Peninsula region," said Michigan State Police Sgt. Kevin Dowling.

      A group called the Michigan Deer Crash Coalition also has some tips for motorists. They say deer often travel single file, so if you see one, more may be waiting for their turn to cross.

      For more information on avoiding deer crashes, check out the coalition's website: www.michigandeercrash.org.