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      Political ad targets Congressman Benishek

      Medicare has dominated the political world since Mitt Romney tapped Paul Ryan as his running mate, with Ryan's plans to overhaul the program.

      Now, it's coming to a head in the U.P. with an ad from The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, targeting Congressman Dan Benishek, claiming that he supports privatizing Medicare.

      The Congressman responded to the campaign ad.

      "That's simply not true. You know, I support Medicare. My plan is to save Medicare. I support a bipartisan plan to preserve Medicare for our current seniors and for seniors coming up," said Congressman Benishek.

      According to the Associated Press, the DCCC has reserved $515,000 in ad time to spend in Benishek's district through election day.

      The Congressman's Democratic challenger, Gary McDowell, weighed in on the ad.

      "Dan Benishek can't run from the fact that he's the congressman that made these votes. He went to Washington and became the problem. He's got to live up to these votes he's made. He needs to explain why he is shifting the costs to senior citizens in order to give more tax breaks to the very wealthiest," said McDowell.

      With the upcoming Democratic and Republican conventions, Medicare will continue to be a central theme on the campaign trail.