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      Political discussion at NMU

      Former State Senator and Editor of Inside Michigan Politics Newsletter, Bill Ballenger is taking every chance he gets to clarify any confusion for Michigan voters. He shared his knowledge with a full room of Marquette County Economic Club members and NMU students.

      He says this election year, Michigan has the longest ballot in the country.

      "All your county commissioners, all your county-wide elected officials, your congressmen, your state representatives, your Supreme Court, 234 judges, all the education boards, everything is up for grabs," said Ballenger.

      After going over ballot proposals, Ballenger discussed an important topic for this year's election: young voters.

      "Young voters are unfortunately always the least engaged in any age group in the electoral process. They just don't get out and vote the way they should. I think a lot of them don't realize what's at stake and what's on the ballot," Ballenger added.

      And, some students agree.

      "For kids not to vote is kind of sad. Some of it is, they don't know or they get one way and they don't know. The big thing is getting people educated and, you know, go out and vote. Do the homework prior. I know it's not a popular thing, but it's important for important stuff," said NMU student Nick Palmer.

      Ballenger also noted that Michigan will be a key state in this election.

      "Obama has to carry Michigan if he wants to win the presidency. Romney could probably lose Michigan and could still be elected. It would be difficult, but he could. We've got two months to go, a little less than that, and a lot can change, so I don't think either side is going to take Michigan for granted," Ballenger said.