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      POLL - Moose Hunt

      POLL - Moose Hunt

      Hunters, listen up! Next fall, you could find yourself bagging a moose if legislation in Lansing clears the governor's desk. A bill setting up a moose hunting season was approved in the state Senate and House Wednesday afternoon.

      According to State Senator Jason Allen, the legislation directs the DNRE to do a scientific study of the moose next spring. Right now, there are an estimated 800 to 1,200 moose between the Soo and Baraga. If everything works out, the moose hunt would take place sometime next fall.

      The number of licenses given out has yet to be determined, but hunters will more than likely enter a lottery for selection.

      In the Daily Pulse, we're wondering: Would you enter the lottery for a moose hunting license? Yes or no?

      Vote in the poll below, then be sure to watch your FOX UP News Thursday night at 10/9c for the final results.

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