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      POLL - Postal rates on the rise

      POLL - Postal rates on the rise

      Postal rates are going up in April, but the cost of sending the basic letter will remain the same.

      The Postal Service said Thursday that most rates will go up on April 17 under a formula that allows the agency to increase prices based on the rate of inflation.

      First class stamps will remain 44 cents, but heavier letters will cost more. The 44-cent rate is for the first ounce, and the price for each extra ounce will rise from 17 cents to 20 cents.

      There will be increases in the price of other mail including magazines, international letters, parcels, and advertising mail.

      Tonight in the Daily Pulse, we're wondering your snail mail habits. Compared to five years ago, which best describes how frequently you use postal mail: a lot more, a little more, about the same, a little less, or a lot less?

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