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      Poll: Climate Change Conversation

      Poll: Climate Change Conversation

      President Barack Obama says he wants to begin a national "conversation" on climate change.

      At a news conference Wednesday, Obama said his administration has taken steps to combat global warming, such as sharply increasing fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks.

      But he said, "We haven't done as much as we need to" on global warming, which was virtually ignored during the presidential campaign until Superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast.

      Obama did not outline specific legislation, but said he would talk with scientists, engineers and elected officials to find ways to make short-term progress to reduce carbon emissions. After that, he said the country should begin long-term efforts "to make sure that this is not something we're passing on to future generations."

      Tonight in the Daily Pulse we're wondering: Do you agree with President Obama that more should be done to stop global warming? Yes or no? Why or why not?