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      Poll: FBI inform ACLU?

      (AP) - A federal appeals court has sided with the FBI in a Detroit lawsuit over access to records that could reveal the use of race and ethnicity in investigations.

      The FBI has refused to give up the information to the American Civil Liberties Union, saying it could harm ongoing probes. The ACLU is concerned that the FBI could be targeting certain ethnic groups and violating civil rights through racial profiling.

      In a 3-0 decision Wednesday, an appeals court says the FBI properly invoked an exception in federal law by denying access to certain records. The court says some data could alert criminals and terrorists to how the FBI uses demographic information.

      The ACLU's Michigan chapter sued in 2011 after getting redacted pages and denials from the FBI.

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      Tonight in the Daily Pulse we're wondering: Do you think the FBI should give up information to the ACLU in reference to race and ethnicity investigations?