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      Poll: Lock in price?

      Friday, the Michigan Public Service Commission explained what the State of Michigan is doing to get ready for the upcoming propane heating season. They also offered recommendations on how customers can start to prepare now.

      The state has created a new website where customers can get details about state-related propane programs. They have also created a â??Tip Sheetâ?? that provides useful info, including questions to ask before signing a propane contract. They are recommending customers fill their tanks now, get on a budget payment plan with their provider, and lock in their prices.

      â??Itâ??s like an insurance policy,â?? said MPSC chairman John Quackenbush. â??If youâ??re locked in a price youâ??re set. Youâ??ll have the assurance of what price youâ??ll pay for the heating season and wonâ??t get exposed to significant price spikes.â??

      For more information, visit the stateâ??s new propane website.

      Tonight in the Daily Pulse, we're wondering: Will you 'lock in' for a set propane price this winter? Yes or no? Why or why not?