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      Poll: Overhaul IRS?

      As the investigation into the alleged IRS targeting scandal continues, the agency releases a laundry list of changes.

      But even that may not be enough, as calls grow louder to overhaul America's tax collector.

      Nearly a year after the IRS was accused of targeting conservative non-profit groups there's criticism nothing's changed.

      In December President Obama fired former Commissioner Steven Miller and appointed a new one.

      Lois Lerner, the woman formerly in charge of tax exempt groups, retired.

      And at least two other high level IRS officials have been fired.

      A high level investigation is now underway by the FBI and the Justice Department to determine if the IRS broke any laws.

      Sinclair Broadcasting asked the IRS what changes have been made since the scandal.

      They declined an interview, but forwarded a list of what's been done.

      The changes include, explaining why applications are chosen for review, better training of IRS workers, and guidelines to address exempt groups believed to be involved in political activity.

      Some legal experts say though claims continue that the IRS did in fact target Conservative Non-profits, they say what's missing is evidence.

      The IRS says it is working to ensure that standards for tax exemption are clear and applied consistently.

      Tonight in the Daily Pulse we're wondering: Should Congress overhaul the IRS? Yes or no? Why or why not?