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      Poll: Police charges?

      A judge has resumed a hearing to decide if two off-duty police sergeants should stand trial on accusations that they robbed three men they suspected in the theft of a cellphone belonging to one officer's teenage daughter.

      St. Clair Shores police Sgt. Michael Notoriano and Detroit police Sgt. David Pomeroy face armed robbery and other charges.

      Detroit District Judge Joseph Baltimore opened a probable-cause hearing last Thursday, and it resumed Wednesday with a victim's testimony.

      Authorities say Notoriano's 16-year-old daughter and a friend biked to a Detroit gas station July 20. They say a man threw the daughter to the ground and robbed her.

      Prosecutors say Pomeroy and Notoriano traced the phone and confronted three other men.

      Pomeroy lawyer Michael Rataj says the charges are excessive.

      Tonight in the Daily Pulse we're wondering: Do you agree with the charges brought against Police Sergeants Notoriano and Pomeroy? Yes or no? Why or why not?