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      Poll: Rights for terrorists?

      (AP) - Two law enforcement officials say a team of U.S. investigators from the military, intelligence agencies and the Justice Department has been deployed to question Abu Anas al-Libi.

      One of the officials said al-Libi is being held on a U.S. Navy ship under the laws of war and has not been read his Miranda rights to an attorney and to be silent. Both spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the investigation.

      It was unclear when al-Libi would be brought to the U.S. to face charges. While prisoners have a right to a speedy trial, a judge ruled in 2010 the government could prosecute a terror suspect in New York, despite holding him for five years in custody because the government has the authority to do this during wartime.

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      Tonight in the Daily Pulse we're wondering: Having been classified as a 'terrorist,' should Abu Anas al-Libi still be allowed the same legal rights as anyone in the U.S.? Yes or no? Why or why not?