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      Poll: Saggy Pants Ban

      Poll: Saggy Pants Ban

      A Green Bay alderman thinks there ought to be a law banning saggy pants.

      Alderman Dave Boyce says those wearing low-riding pants and exposed underwear are making the city look bad. Boyce says it's offensive and demeaning to see people walking around with sagging pants.

      WLUK-TV says Boyce admits the city's legal staff has told him it might be a difficult ordinance to enforce. But, Boyce says businesses could refuse to allow saggy pants wearers on their premises.

      A similar ordinance went into effect in the New Jersey beach town of Wildwood earlier this month. Fines start at $25, but can go as high as $200 for repeat offenders. A Green Bay City Council committee takes up the issue Monday night.

      Tonight in the Daily Pulse we're wondering: Would you support a law banning saggy pants? Yes or no? Why or why not?