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      Poll: Texting and relationships?

      When we think about romance, technology isn't exactly the first thing which comes to mind. But some women are using it to keep the spark in their relationships.

      Elise Treadway doesn't have a lot of free time. She's a nurse who's studying to be an RN while also raising a son, so she and her partner don't have a lot of "face time".

      "I really enjoy when he sends me just little things, like, 'have a good day' or 'good luck' on a text," said Treadway.

      Elise and her partner, Tyler, communicate more by texting than talking.

      "It's our way of letting each other know I'm thinking about you," Treadway said.

      A survey by the Meredith Parents Network shows Elise and Tyler are not that unusual. Thirty percent of Millenial Moms say they text their partners more than they talk to them. Twenty-one percent say their Smartphone or tablet has improved their love lives, And more than half of those moms reveal they've exchanged flirty texts!

      Sociology professor Dr. Art Jipson says more couples are finding texting and even social media can renew the romance.

      "It's a way of creating anonymity because there's a certain mystery to it. There's 'I'm thinking of you...'," said Jipson.

      "Maybe we should try that more often!" said Laura Mansfield.

      Laura uses her i-Phone to stay in touch with her husband, Dan.

      "There are times when he's going one way with one child and I'm going the other," Mansfield said.

      Laura's not crazy about the lack of face time with Dan. But she says social media's brought her closer in some ways to her teenage daughters.

      "We'll sit on the couch and watch thousands of Vines and just laugh," Mansfield said.

      For Elise, though, social media is a way to keep the spark in her relationship.

      "I Iike the Snapchat thing when I can get a picture of him. It just makes it fun," Treadway said.

      The media mix works in two different ways for two different families, but Meredith Parents Networks says millenial moms are rewriting the rules of engagement.

      And one other point: with all of that texting instead of talking, it's a lot easier to make a mistake.

      Thirteen percent of the moms surveryed have accidentally sent an inappropriate photo of themselves to someone for whom it wasn't intended.

      Tonight in the Daily Pulse we're wondering: Do you use texting to help "keep the spark" in relationships? Yes or no? Why or why not?