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      Poll: Who should decide wolf hunt?

      Poll: Who should decide wolf hunt?

      A referendum on wolf hunting will be placed on the November 2014 ballot, but the outcome of the vote could be meaningless.

      The Board of State Canvassers on Wednesday certified the signatures collected by Keep Michigan Wolves Protected to place the referendum on the ballot.

      The group had gathered more than 250,000 signatures seeking a vote on a measure lawmakers approved in December that designated the wolf as a game species.

      But a separate measure signed by Republican Gov. Rick Snyder earlier this month lets the Natural Resources Commission decide which types of animals can be hunted. That authority previously rested entirely with the Legislature.

      The commission has already approved a limited wolf hunting and trapping season in three areas in the Upper Peninsula in November and December.

      Tonight in the Daily Pulse we're wondering: Who should decide whether wolves are hunted in Upper Michigan? Voters Or The Natural Resources Commission? Tell us why.