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      Pooches make new buds

      The warm weather meant Saturday was a great day to walk your dog and many people did just that at the Lower Harbor.

      TacoMo Dog Training hosts the walks that occur throughout the year. The organized walks are an opportunity for dog owners to socialize their dogs with other dogs. It is a little less stressful on some dogs to socialize on these walks rather than at a dog park where there is less order.

      "It's just a good way to socialize with other dog owners. So that's always nice because dog people tend to get along really well with dog people and I don't know, it's just fun. There's nothing short of fun," said Kim Benson-Custard of TacoMo Dog Training.

      There is no fee to take part in the walks, although if you would like to participate in a walk and your dog does not react well around other dogs, it is asked that you let TacoMo Dog Training know ahead of time.

      Once the weather breaks, the organized walks will take place about once every other week. The next walk is planned for April.