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      Pool to Pond Project

      The MooseWood Nature Center on Marquette's Presque Isle has big plans for the former Shiras Pool.

      The "Pool to Pond Project" is an effort to transform the pool into a more natural body of water and the surrounding area into wetlands. The Shiras Pool has not been in use for several years. The nature center intends to make the area a haven for wildlife. The new wetlands will include a boardwalk, a hummingbird and butterfly garden, and an observation tower in place of the slide. Officials say it will be an excellent educational tool for more programming.

      "It's a great area. It offers a chance for us to do additional programming. We're just really excited to have the opportunity to develop it more," said Scot Stewart, Board Chair at MooseWood Nature Center.

      The project needs about a quarter of a million dollars. There is no set schedule of construction until the money can be raised.

      To donate to the MooseWood Nature Center, you can offer a check at the center, or visit their website.